VIMATRONIX SA. was established as a Limited Liability Company (E.P.E.) in 2013 and was converted into a Public Company in 2015. The headquarters of the company are located at S. Skipe 1-3, Athens 11525.

It holds a significant share of the domestic market and is ranked among the major companies in the industry. VIMATRONIX S.A.’s exclusive partnership with companies the range of Biotronik SE & CO shows the company’s significant acceptance rating internationally.

The scope of VIMATRONIX S.A. activities is the exclusive representation of foreign companies for the import and sale of medical equipment to public hospitals, private clinics, and medical diagnostic centers throughout Greece.

The rapidly expanding VIMATRONIX S.A. plays a leading role today in the Greek territory in the healthcare sector, particularly in critical specialties such as Vascular Surgery, Interventional Radiology, and Cardiology.